We are GOOD’s social impact consultancy, partnering with organizations to imagine bold opportunities that align goals with social impact.

Yes, social impact consulting. We are part management consultancy and part design firm. A true hybrid, we create iconic initiatives that are a win for business and the world.

We launched GOODcorps by designing the platform that drove $30 million in crowdsourced grants from Pepsi and creating Starbucks campaign that let customers direct its foundation efforts. That was just the beginning of our work.

We’ve worked with DICK’S Sporting Goods to save 182 youth sports teams, answered the President’s call to transform the education system with 100Kin10, and designed PUMA’s ethos to #Fight4Fairness.


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The two brands that did something good with their Super Bowl ads

February 8, 2016

Here's GOODcorps' round-up of Super Bowl 50 ads that focused on a cause, and a few tips on what to learn form the two companies that did it best. 

Goodness can seal the deal for consumers

February 5, 2016

After GOOD rolled out phase two of The Brand Goodness Report last year, our director of strategy (and insights expert) Anna White went to SOCAP to share some of our findings. 

Visualizing holiday giving with PayPal

December 3, 2015

We partnered with PayPal to create a live data visualization of the crazy amount of giving that goes on during the holiday season through their platform.